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the dokugram team

Benjamin Busch (*1987, Kansas City) was trained as an architect and photographer in the United States and across Germany before completing graduate studies in Raumstrategien at Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin. He has practiced documentary photography professionally since 2011, next to his own artistic practice drawing from architecture, photography and critical urban theory.

Lucas Bueno Maia (*1984, São Paulo) moved to Buenos Aires and attended cinematography courses at the Centro de Formación Profesional del SICA after graduating in economics in Brazil. In Berlin, he studied fine arts at Universität der Künste Berlin and is currently enrolled in the program Kunst und Medien. Since 2012, he has worked professionally as a cinematographer and camera assistant.

Antonio Castles (*1991, Bogotá) studied history and fine arts in Colombia and currently studies in the diploma program Kunst und Medien at Universität der Künste Berlin. His artwork revolves around the photographic image as a unique physiochemical and phenomenological object. Castles has practiced as a commercial photographer with a variety of subjects since 2014.